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CPCJ Media Landscape

Spring 2015, Archive 1

An historically situated, critical survey of developments in media concieved of, developed, designed, edited and produced by the students of NSSR's MA in Creative Publishing and Critical Journalsim.


Publishing Team

Gabriel Clermont, Publisher

Paula Duran, Business Manager

Sara Wilkins, Marketing Director

Editorial Leadership and Management

Cecilia Mezulic, Editorial Director

Cerise Steel, Managing Editor

Carlo Mantuano, Copy Editor

Troy O’Neill, Copy Editor

Senior Editors

Andreas Eckhardt-Læssøe

Troy O’Neill

Katherine Parker-Magyar

Carlo Mantuano

Design Team

Shea Sweeney, Creative Director

Anastasia Dennis, Design/Visual Editor and Brand Manager

Silje Kristine Anderson, Digital Production Director and Designer

Juliana Barro Bechara, Designer and Photo Editor

Chloe Gold, Digital Editor

Thanks To

Position Development

Imp Kerr, Design Consultant

Tyler Reinhard and the staff of Mask Magazine

The staff of Verso Books

Gray Beltran of the Atavist

Sam Lavigne

Andrew Beccone of Reanimation Library


Talita Zaragoza, Artist

James Miller and Juliette Cezzar of Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism

Gabriel Clermont


Fresh from a four year stint in China, pointing cameras at everything from Tibetan yak farmers to DJs, I’ve returned to NYC where I’m pursuing a master’s in everything that’s media. A filmmaker, programmer and writer, I can mostly be found loudly talking shit in the few remaining dive bars in lower Manhattan.


Paula Duran Rehbein

Business Manager & Editor

I’m a journalist dedicated to reporting and writing about politics, world affairs and people who think differently and take chances. Candidate for M. A in Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism—The New School 2015. Colombian. Runner.


Sara Wilkins

Marketing Director

I’m a journalist from Denmark who is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Previously, I’ve worked for Danish newspapers and magazines, covering both daily news and investigative reporting on a wide range of subjects, especially business and economics. I’m also a Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism graduate student at The New School for Social Research.


Cecilia Mezulic

Editorial Director

I came from Europe to America a while ago, and have been living between Mexico and New York for the last 6 years. I started studying my MFA at Parsons, taking photos and experimenting with digital technologies with no fear. I create, read, write. Keep curious and break all the food barriers (the rest follows).


Cerise Steel

Managing Editor

I’m a soon to be graduate of Creative Writing and Journalism from The New School. I’m from Seattle, but live in NYC. I’m a long distance and Cross Country runner. I once travelled around the world on a ship for five months. I write about what inspires me: food, running, outdoors, the places I’ve visited, and the people I’ve met.


Carlo Mantuano

Copy Editor and Senior Editor

I’m a writing and literature student at Eugene Lang College. By the time you read this, I’ll have graduated. I’ve loved basketball for twenty-two years and counting. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be Rasheed Wallace. Gurnee —> Chicago —> New York.

Andreas Eckhardt-Læssøe

Senior Editor

Literature student and writer from Denmark. I write in Danish, so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s pretty good. I didn’t learn how to spell my name until I was 10, so I won’t hold it against you if you misspell it, but drop me a line if you want to talk about books, or whatever.

Troy O’Neill

Senior Editor and Copy Editor

I am a freshman at Eugene Lang College, double majoring in Culture and Media Studies and Philosophy. I’m interested in speculative realism, Silicon Valley, and post-internet aesthetics. New York native. I want to get a PhD in Philosophy and publish widely.


Katherine Parker-Magyar

Senior Editor

I’m a graduate student of literature in Liberal Studies at The New School, a communications analyst at Aegis Media, and pursuing a career in writing. I love to travel (anywhere and everywhere), engage in heated debates about the intellectual merits of popular culture (preferably over a glass of wine), and—now that the polar vortex has mercifully subsided—run along the East River.


Shea Sweeney

Creative Director

Writer and New School undergraduate from Colorado. I wander and talk to strangers.


Anastasia Dennis

Design/Visual Editor and Brand Manager

I’m at Parsons The New School For Design. I have worked as the assistant to Jim Carrey’s personal stylist, for Donna Karan New York, and at Rent The Runway. Now entering my final year, I’m interested in entrepreneurship, and spending time in NYC exploring fashion, technology, e-commerce, writing and publishing.

Silje Kristine Andersen

Digital Production Director and Designer

I’m a graduate student in Liberal Studies at The New School. I have a B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Oslo. In my M.A. I’m expanding my interest in literature and culture with courses in journalism, philosophy and media. From Oslo, Norway. Love cross-country skiing and playing soccer.

Juliana Bechara

Designer and Photo Editor

Until this class I was always writing instead of designing or editing. Maybe from here I’ll try producing as well. Sociology brought me to grad school - Liberal Studies made me stay. I love (dogs) reading bios. And, well, dislike writing them - there’s always so much left to say.

Chloe Gold

Digital Editor

I study writing (fiction, journalism, and screenwriting) and French at The New School. When I’m not in class, I intern at Bookforum Magazine. You can find more of my writing online under the name C. Harper Gold. If you like 140 character feminist critiques of society, you can follow me on Twitter.


Rachel Rosenfelt

Faculty Lab Advisor

Creative Director at Verso Books, Co-founder, publisher and former Editor-in-Chief of The New Inquiry and founding faculty member of the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA program.

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