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CPCJ x New Republic

May 18, 2015

CPCJ Media Launch Event
Videography by Ramon Jacinth PeBenito.

Based on CPCJ’s comprehensive survey of shitfts in contemporary journalism this year, we have found that the organizaiton most representative of changes in the media landscape concurrent with the first-annual CPCJ publication is the “new” New Republic.

To celebrate the pre-launch of CPCJ’s Media Landscape 2015, students invited representatives of TNR’s new editorial team to discuss the current and future state of media. Watch the live video of our event at the Verso Books loft in Brooklyn to learn more about their perspective on the challenges of remaking legacy media, finding new talent, maintaining credibility, measuring success, and making quality journalism sustainable in the digital age.

Gabriel Snyder, Editor-in-Chief
Theodore Ross, Features Director
Jamil Smith, Senior Editor
Elle Reeve, Senior Editor
Bijan Stephen, Associate Editor

Interviewed by CPCJ’s publishing team, Gabriel Clermont, Sara Louise Wilkins-Kristiansen, and Paula Duran.

View photos from the event here.

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